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Edna is performer, rigger and lector and also an organizer of shibari events. During last three years her work gained unique and elegant style, in the way she ties  eyou can see combination of humour, overstatement, pain and strict and non-compromise technique. Her rope skills are known through Europe shibari scene, as first czech shibari artist she was seen on international stage, with Anea Capaken she performed at  London Bound and masterclass in Paris with japanese rigger Ren Yagami, they performed in Russa that year as well.



Radek Borg is well known to Czech fetish party visitors. We can see him as organizer, performer or visitor on most of Czech shibari actions. His style combines precise sense for detail and deep emotional connetion with his partner. Even he is very focused  on safety, even in the most difficult suspensions he remains fully concentrated on his partner’s feelings. From first moment he touches her with his rope until she is fully untied, careful spectator can see confidence and respect between both partners. You can see actual news on his web  and check his photogallery from his many performances.


Nicolas Yoroï

Yoroi Nicolas is french rigger, who spent important part of his life in asia. In Thailand he studie massage, in Japanese he studied Aiki-do and when he acidentally found beauty of shibari, he started to focus on it. Thanks to his experience gained during his travels he deviates from standard european rigger styles and he daringly combines west shibari attitude with classical japanese shibari masters. His movement is effective, windly soft and without showing any signs of struggle, he can easily tie his partner to really difficult figures with using minimal number of ropes. Even he cares of aesthetics and safety, his work focuses mainly on emotional harmony and his partners deep experience mediated by his well-turned traditional technique. Currently he lives in Brussel, where he organizes shibari ations, about his plans and affairs you can ready on his web.



Bugtcher is well known through Czech BDSM community and media, his main focus is hook suspension and body modification, but his shibari performance shows his gentle face. The way he works with jute shows his absolute dominance, but he prefers his intuition rather than repeating popular  shibari standards. His performance is  dialogue between male and female element, without violence but with potent arguments carried mainly by ropes. Bugtcher doesn’t focus on complicated suspensions with many breakneck stransitions, figures he ties could be wrongly iterpreted as easy ones, but he ties them with strong dominance over his model.


Barkas in not only experienced rigger, but also teacher and his Shibari Dojo Vienna is one of four places in the world, which received license for Osada Ryu, traditional japanese bondage. Barkas is not bound by traditional conventions and altough we can find many traditional components in his way of tying, he is not afraid to combine is with his martial arts skills. In past years he evolved his own personalized bondage style, his teacher Osada Steve called this style Ranboo. This style excells in dynamics, speed, right distance at the right moment and, as Barkas says, a bit of violence. Event through speed and distance, which changes often during his work,  Barkas  is fully concentrated on his partner and she does not lose her contact with rigger. Barkas is very active on Vienna shibari scene.



Nawasabi is humble and innocent guy, but only until he reaches ropes with his hands. This German rigger is well known for dynamics and perfect interplay with his partner, he ties quickly, presicely and anytime he ties he catches attention of everyone watching. He studied with many Japanese masters and besides performing he also teaches how to tie in japanese style.


Riccardo Wildties

One of the biggest names on the scene right now, Ricardo Wildties began his journey in ropes in the year 2010. Two years later, after discovering works of Akira Naka, he started to study under his guidance. Now, Riccardo travels the world as a performer and an educator, who also happened to be the first non-japanese performer on Akira Naka’s private rope event. With his longterm partner RedSabbath, he shows the sadisticity of rope, by combining modern techniques with traditions of early shibari.



Lady globetrotter, model, rigger, photographer, lector, organiser of shibari events, art lover from London- this is Gestalta. Shibari effects every part of her life and she enjoys ropes in every imaginable way and shape, but these days she is mostly in rigger’s role. Thanks her endless passion for shibari and her artistic spirit you can always find a fresh point of view in her tying, she likes to mix traditional stuff with brand-new ideas and she isn’t affraid to experiment when she is on the stage. Very important part of her tying style are emotions. Closeness to the person she ties is obvious even to an uneducated audience.



When you meet this quiet lady and smiling guy on the street you wouldn’t guess what these two are doing in a spare time. Yet this couple is pretty respected among shibari lovers not only in homeland Russia, but around the European scene as well. Thanks to their mutually shared love for extreme bondage, exhibicionism and for beauty of strictly tied human body Vlada developed unmistakeable style. An observer can see heatedly captured man, tied up in pretty difficult positions which are spiced with some sharp pain. Vlada’s partner Falco is living legend among male rope models for his unbelievable fexibility, strenght and courage. Besides doing performances they teach ropes and run an international shibari festival Moscow Knot together.


This performance is all about this special stage of tranquility. This is not an ordinary shibari performance, this time the performers are wrapped in the light of their own mindsets.The brainwaves of the bunny are observed with scalp electrodes and a wireless EEG machine and translated into abstract mathematical light patterns. These patterns change in structure, color & form according to the activity of the bunnies mind. It’s an experiment that combines biofeedback, neuroscience & Japanese bondage.


The next performer is swedish viking Lahtnor. His way of tying might seem a little chaotic from certain distance, but this charismatic fella certainly does have a sense for rhytm. Spectators find shared and honest emotions, true joy and jokes and unusuall ropework in Lahtnor’s tying. His show offers something really far from wannabe serious riggers and brings mix of modern shibari and rhythmic dance.


Amaury Grisel

Everyone following Eurpean shibari scene knows Amaury Grisel’s work for sure. His photographer’s style is unmistakeable, he likes to play around with lights and contrasts and his work shows his huge passion and love for women and ropes. Besides photographing shibari Amaury ties as well and he’s participating at shibari events in Paris and around Europe very often. In his tying style there is a certain Naka Ryu influence, but Amaury isn’t one of the ortodox riggers and he likes to combine different techniques.




Benoit is a male performed, no stranger to both sides od the rope. With his partner May Dosem, he performed two shows in one night, changing his role for each. In his home community of Paris, he organises events and teaches in the famous Place des Cordes space.


May Dosem

May Dosem in an important name in the scene, especially for female riggers. Even though she sometimes performs as a model, she is no pushover when it comes to rigging. May has sensual, yet sadistic way of tying, and the intimacy created in her ropes can be felt even by the audience. In the home community of Paris, she organizes and teaches in the famous Place des Cordes.



Arriving from the distant lands of Russia, Frater and his model Manako performed a breathtaking show, proving people that rope is not only about communication and pain, but first and foremost, about trust. Frater also brought a style of tying unseen by our audience. Demanding positions and no easier transitions for his model created an unforgetable show for everyone.

Andrea Ropes

Andrea Ropes is a name that needs no introduction in the rope scene. First discovering ropes after a friend brought photos of tied women from japan, he began his journey as a rigger. Meeting and learning from best riggers in the entire world, Andreas‘ style is considered the benchmark of technical perfection. No position or transition is beeing omitted for fear of beeing too difficult to manage, Andrea manages all kinds of wonders in his ropes, not forgetting the aesthetics of the show along the way. Since 2015, he makes his living as a professional rigger, co-owning the BDSM Bologna Project.



Pioneer of self suspensions, model, traveler. Skinny Redhead performs show all around the world, breaking boundaries and pushing limits along the was. Weather she’s swinging on a rope sixty feet in the air, or dancing on sharp knives, she always finds a way to show people something they haven’t seen before. On top of beeing a shibari performes, she is also a member of FuelGirls, group of female performes specialising in adrenaline shows, so you might also see her juggling fire of flying on a trapeze, instad of in ropes.

Stéphane Arnoux

Stéphane got to ropes as a blind man gets to violin. Through music. As a musician, he played in a backing band for a shibari performance in Place des Cordes. His own interest in ropes came soon after. Meeting some of the best riggers to study with, such as Docvale, Kasumi Hourai od Cyril Grillon, he finally found Akira Naka’s style of rope. Now focusing on that, he is interested in the mental aspect of ropes. Also a filmmaker and a photographer, Stéphanes photos can be found on his tumblr



Lello Li

Audience of the first Rope Spirit remember Lello Li as a model, performing with Nicolas Yoroï. Lello is comming back three years later, but this time as a performer. Even thought years of tying with Nicolas had very big impact on her own tying style, Lello’s tying is still honest to herself and personal, creating insence intimity while tying, yet inviting everyone in the audience to join along and experience this moment with them. Although she performed on most of worlds stages as a model, this Rope Spirit is her performance debut as a rigger.


Rope Spirit IIV. was a debut for czech rigger Noirot. With his partner, Kameko Epitaph, they performed dynamic show, combined with self suspension. In his performance, you can see experiences he gained as a musician, but mostly his personal relationship with Kameko, that spans beyond stage and ropes. Noirot is known to some visitors of Rope Spirit as the events technician.

Billie Rose

Billie Rose, together with her partner Kittie Rea, largely stand behing the growing shibari community in Romania. Theire style of tying is reflective of traditional shibari aesthetics, but also combines them with new and exiting elements.


For regular kink event antendees, Artent is a known name. Starting his shibari journey in 2014, his tying is dynamic, full contact, based on D/s relations, often switching between rough tying and gentle caressing. He loves both drama and fun in ropes, and has no set destination when he starts tying, letting his mood guide him instead.

Justin Rvt

Justin Rvt, together with his partner Gwen Shi, performed a truly unique show. Justin is a very creative rigger, with unusual way of tying and most of his techniques were developed or modified by him, thanks to his curiosity and a passion to push shibari to new limits. Justin also manages the Lyon branch of the famous Place des Cordes.


The last performance of the night was Italian couple Kirigami and Marta. This duo is well known internationally, not only as performers, but also as educators. Kirigami is very emphatic rigger, creating complex ties for torturing his partner. Their performances are inviting to the audience, as a window to their relationship, but also very aesthetic and emotional

Sandro Esse

Sandro and Maiko studied with many riggers, but found themselves when they met and started studying with Ricardo Wildties. Through his influences, and influences of Naka Ryu, they now perform intimate shows to audiences from all around the world.

Goldie Sunshine

Goldie Sunshine and her partner Daniel Rope will perform an amazing show, appreciated especially by people who enjoy seeing women tying men. The world traveling duo will perform a dynamic show, full of passion and aesthetics.



 When Nawahugo visited Rope Spirit few years ago he fell in love with shibari instantly and started his studies shortly after. He found the biggest passion in Naka Ryu. He loves to play with emotions and pain, but he also seeks the beauty of bound woman’s body. His partner will be Lusa, well known at slovakian shibari scene, both as riger and model. Audience of Rope Spirit can be looking foward to their intense and very intimate show.

Red Lily

Red Lily is an italian rigger. Red ropes that build love connections: this is Red Lily’s bondage. Red Lily is a performer and Shibari teacher. She researches new forms of expression tied to bondage outside of BDSM standards, to discover emotions that reach deep within the soul rather than just reaching the flesh. She leads bondage classes in Rome with Ritual LAB project, she teaches and performs often abroad in big events and festivals such as Eurix, Moscow Knot, RopeFest, L’École des Cordes and holds workshops in the main Italian and European cities.