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|| ROPE SPIRIT XIV. || 18. 6. 2022 || 18:00

Hell Events in cooperation with Edna the first lady of the Czech shibari scene, providing fourteenth Rope Spirit. A night of Japanese bondage.

Performers at Rope Spirit XIV.

Nikoleta Ginger & Val
Nikoleta Ginger & Val
This will be Nikoleta and Val’s first joint performance. Val is an enthusiastic newcomer in the ropes, while Nikoleta became a lecturer at Subspace Studio last year, where she drew on her inspiration and skills, both from many Czech and dozens of foreign lecturers, and is not afraid to continue her education. Nikoleta ties with different styles and often combines them with each other. Thanks to this, the model rarely knows in what spirit the session will take place. In her ties, you can see a whole range of emotions and moods, from kind, tender and playful to dominant and sadistic.
Borg & Lucie
Borg & Lucie
Radek Borg belongs to the standing czech performers shibari scene almost ten years. With a model Lucia is cooperating more than half this time. They premiered more than six years ago. Performance that they prepared for you is a celebration for them their cooperation. And just like then they are common moments of creation filled with rope
incredibly deep reciprocity, respect and connection, which forms unforgettable moments that they will share with you.
Edna & Sikra
Edna & Sikra
Edna and Sikra. Two exceptional ladies will share the Rope Spirit’s stage to let the audience sneak into their world of shared intimacy.The way these ladies tie together will reveal the meaning of shibari- honest emotions build upon trust and respect, also balancing on the edge between domination and submission, pain and pleasure.

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Performances from Rope Spirit XII.

Edna & Nela

Borg & Cat.rhin

Ami & Severin

Alis & Ad



Tickets are avaible for 600 CZK at studio or online.



During the Rope Spirit event, we have a strict no-photo policy. Photographs taken by our acreditet photographers are publicised just days after the event. After the last show has concluded, we open up the floor for your tying. Please, respect the privacy of others and do not interfere, or disturb otherwise other visitors. Thank You.


Fell in love with japanese bondage and now you are interested in learning more? The event organisers of Rope Spirit are also bringing youu shibari workshops, for both beginners and intermidiate riggers.

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