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|| ROPE SPIRIT XVII. || 20. 1. 2024 || 18:00

Hell Events in cooperation with Edna the first lady of the Czech shibari scene, providing seventeenth Rope Spirit. A night of Japanese bondage.

Performers at Rope Spirit XVII.

Lukrécia & Adri
Lukrécia & Adri
The first time they performed together was in 2022, where Lukina mindufcked not only Andri but also the audience. Playing with emotions, pain and objectification is the basis for the romantic sadism that is significant to their performances.
Roman & Rita
Roman & Rita
Roman entered the shibari scene more than 6 years ago. His tying style brings intensity and deep emotions enhanced by a specifically chosen musical background. Through ropes he has found a way of self-expression and with each knot he communicates, whether to his partner or to the audience, a piece of himself. Roman and Rita have been tying together for over two years, during which they have found a precious trust and understanding for each other.
Roman and Rita take us into the mythical world of Slavic culture. In an original style, they will bring the story of Jarilo – the god of spring and life, and Morana – the goddess of winter and death, whose fates are entwined in a continuous cycle where sacrifice and renewal form the essence of the beautiful, although painful, interplay of their relationship.
Mai & Lodrik
Mai & Lodrik
Mai started dabbling with tying in 2016 but sees her introduction to Naka Ryu through Riccardo Wildties in early 2019 to be the pivot point in her tying journey. She deeply resonates with the style’s underlying tones of turmoil, suffering and submission through «the art of tight binding».
Mai utilizes rope to create archaic rituals laced with symbolism to further explore those topics.
Lodrik has been a metal bondage fetishist from an early age on. He sees rope bondage as a practice to experience D/s dynamics and explore erotic suffering through a unique way of submission. Sharing his rope journey with Mai since 2018, he is constantly looking to learn and experiment with less traditional expressions of his masculinity.
Edna & Lady Anne
Edna & Lady Anne
Ropes can touch your heart, touch your soul. But how far are you willing to go in the name of love you share? Will you leave your comfort zone to express the intensity and intimacy with no words spoken? Edna and Lady Anne will.
Ludvig & Frostslavee
Ludvig & Frostslavee
Ludvig started learning Shibari in 2008 and studied with well-known European and Japanese shibari teachers before becoming an official student of Sensei Yagami Ren, which allowed him to get to know different approaches and styles of Shibari. Ludvig spent a lot of time with his Shibari master and studied the techniques and philosophies of Yagami Ryu in-depth. Sensei Yagami Ren recognized his devotion and skills and honored him for teaching his style as an official Yagami Ryu instructor.
Frostslavee is a Shibari model known for her dedication to the art of Japanese rope bondage. Collaborating with a skilled rigger Ludvig since April last year, their partnership has blossomed into a creative synergy. Together, they produce captivating displays that intertwine artistry and trust, captivating audiences with their evocative performances rooted in the essence of Shibari’s tradition and beauty.

Performances at Rope Spirit XVI.

Edna & Lady Anne


Mino & Louis

Lello Li & Vio Vaho

Borg & Darja Ropewitch



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During the Rope Spirit event, we have a strict no-photo policy. Photographs taken by our acreditet photographers are publicised just days after the event. After the last show has concluded, we open up the floor for your tying. Please, respect the privacy of others and do not interfere, or disturb otherwise other visitors. Thank You.


Fell in love with japanese bondage and now you are interested in learning more? The event organisers of Rope Spirit are also bringing youu shibari workshops, for both beginners and intermidiate riggers.

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