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|| ROPE SPIRIT XVII. || 20. 1. 2024 || 18:00

Hell Events in cooperation with Edna the first lady of the Czech shibari scene, providing seventeenth Rope Spirit. A night of Japanese bondage.

Performers at Rope Spirit XVII.

Lukrécia & Adri
Lukrécia & Adri
The first time they performed together was in 2022, where Lukina mindufcked not only Andri but also the audience. Playing with emotions, pain and objectification is the basis for the romantic sadism that is significant to their performances.

Performances at Rope Spirit XVI.

Edna & Lady Anne


Mino & Louis

Lello Li & Vio Vaho

Borg & Darja Ropewitch



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During the Rope Spirit event, we have a strict no-photo policy. Photographs taken by our acreditet photographers are publicised just days after the event. After the last show has concluded, we open up the floor for your tying. Please, respect the privacy of others and do not interfere, or disturb otherwise other visitors. Thank You.


Fell in love with japanese bondage and now you are interested in learning more? The event organisers of Rope Spirit are also bringing youu shibari workshops, for both beginners and intermidiate riggers.

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